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The power of fruit :D

If you read my last post, you may have thought that I was crazy for having turned my back on conventional medecine and having placed all of my hopes on some alternative that came out of nowhere.

But of course, things weren't so simplistic, because I was familiar with this method already. I had searched about it in the past, and I was always open to natural medecine.

On top of that, I had nothing to lose, because it was downright out of the question for me to take the cortisone my doctor had prescribed to me. The side effects of this medecine are indeed pretty scary (osteoporosis, diabetes...).

Reading my posts, you may have wondered "How on earth is it possible to heal if you eat like a rabbit ?" (For those of you who forgot, I had several bad tendonitises after running a marathon and I was able to recover completely by following a minimalistic diet that consisted mostly of raw fruit and veggies).

Well, the answer is pretty simple. We often hear that fruit are detox foods, but we don't understand what it means, really. The thing about fruit is that they are very quickly digested, and provide your body with a lot of nutrients and minerals. And most importantly, the digesting process of fruit generates very little toxic waste (as opposed to meats and starches) ; this allows your body to regenerate itself because it is not burdened with cleaning the mess that results from digestion.

Organic beetroot, carrot, ginger and apple juice

More details about my diet : I would juice fruit and veggies (juices are assimilated by your body even more quickly, because of their liquid state), and I would have seasonal fruit salads. Always organic, so as not to burden my body with the detoxing of pesticides. You could actually consider this a form of fasting : because you give your body a break so it can focus on regenerating tissue.

Organic fruit salad with beetroot, kale and apple juice

As I said, I was able to recover quickly, and it really came as a surprise to me. After only ten day, I was able to walk short distances, almost pain free. I was able to resume running two months after the marathon.

The only drawback was that I lost weight (seven or eight kilos), but I gained it all back.

Following this, I literally changed all of my eating habits. It used to be that I would eat mostly starches and proteins, as all people who are into working out are taught. But now, my main sources of calories are fruit and veggies. I try to eat organic as much as possible, even though it is not always possible in the work place.

I cut out all processed foods and all industrial foods (such as sweets, pastries, soda pop and all junk food) and I always check the ingredient list when I go grocery shopping.

I should also say that on top of the tendonitises, I had other health conditions that were immensely improved, if not totally healed, thanks to this dietary change : acne, eczema, heavy legs...

It is like I finally found the root cause of all of the many ailments I had been suffering from for all these years.

NB : Of course, I am not saying that proteins and starched should be cut out altogether. It is all a matter of chosing the right starch and protein sources, but I will go into more detail in future posts :)

Thank you for reading :D

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