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So, what about stress ?

Anytime we think of stress, or anything psychological for that matter, we tend to disconnect it from the physical. As if the two were totally separate things.

You might wonder what my point is. Let me explain.

I used to think nutrition had no impact on emotional state (of course, I'm not referring to the pleasure derived from eating a pizza or burger). I used to think that neither could impact the other.

As you have probably guessed by now, I was wrong !

First, you want to remember that your body and mind are two components of the same entity : you.

It may sound obvious, yet we tend to forget it easily.

So, your emotional state impacts your physical state, and the reverse is equally true. Your mind induces a stream of psychological responses in your body.

For example, when you are scared (fear being an emotion created by the mind), your heart rate speeds up and your blood pressure rises. Stress induces the same physical responses.

The same applies the other way around ; your physical state and environment impact your psyche. And food is an essential component of your environment.

So YES, our eating habits play a crucial role in stress management, and I will assert further that they have a massive impact on mental well-being as well.

And it's not only me, the crazy girl obsessed with seeds and organic carrots, who says it ; but also numerous scientific studies.

Psychological disorders and stress are indeed linked to inflammation, which is often caused by bad eating habits :

  • for instance, depression is associated with omega 3 deficiency. These fatty acids can be found in some (unrefined!) vegetable oils.

  • it has also been shown that there is a connection between gut flora and cognitive state ; for instance, people who suffer from schizophrenia have a very damaged gut flora. And the well-being of this flora depends of course on the type of foods that we eat.

  • eating too much sugar, and escpecially refined sugar, is very inflammatory and impairs one's cognitive skills, which can eventually cause Alzheimer's disease.

  • last example ; anxiety is often a consequence of magnesium deficiency.

What about my experience with all this ? I used to be very stressed out. As many of us are, I believe. But changing to a living food diet (that is, micronutrient-rich and with no processed foods), has helped me tremendously with stress management.

Of course, nutrition is not the sole factor. There are other things to take into consideration, such as physical activity, sleep, sun exposure (not too much!), cardiac coherence, etc. I will say more about these in future posts. ;)

In a nutshell, if you want to reduce your stress levels, then it is important that you eat clean :)

NB : I inserted hyperlinks so you can pull up websites that show some scientific studies to back up my post.

Thank you for reading :D

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