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Jeune Lilloise passionnée, je vous embarque avec moi pour vous faire partager mes aventures au travers de ce blog. Ici, on parlera d'accomplissement de son potentiel, de sport, d'alimentation santé, de voyage, de décoration, et de tout ce qui me rend happy !

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My first post !

The idea of starting a blog has been blossoming in my mind for a very long time, now. "Why didn't you get around to doing it earlier, then ?" you might ask. Simply because I had limiting thoughts. Anyway, making the leap feels liberating. :)

More about me

My name is Assia, I am 30. I've had a farily unusual journey. I have a degree in food biochemistry. After working a few years in the food processing industry, I realised this line of work really wasn't for me. So I left, and I have been working in IT for four years, now.

My motto

"Let food be thy medicine" said Hippocrates, father of modern medicine. Indeed, as many studies will show, it has been proven that most of the degenerative diseases that plague our society are actually direct consequences of our lifestyles. Nutrition is a big factor.

So, if it is well balanced, it can be an effective way to prevent disease.

That is why I had decided to leave the food processing industry, because it didn't align with my values.

Thank you for taking the time to read =)

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