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How it all began...

People around me often ask what it is that brought me to change my lifestyle habits, which may look a little unusual (will say more about that in future posts, stay tuned :P)

When you think about it, they are not so unusual. Isn't it legitimate to seek the best health and nutrition possible, both for yourself and your loved ones ?

But it has been two years now since the day everything clicked into place. I had set myself the goal of running the Paris marathon, a beautiful adventure that I lived with my forever warrior @Noura.

The preparing for this marathon was long and hard. I was unlucky to injure my foot a month before the marathon, a sprain that wouldn't heal.

I was so stubborn (and I still am, honestly...) that I decided I would run this marathon whatever the cost, even more so that I had been training so hard for months.

D-day came and I did run the marathon until the finish line, despite terrible pains that had only gotten worse during the run. It took me four hours and fifty minutes to run the marathon, instead of the four hours and fifteen minute goal I had set myself.

The next day, the pains got excruciating. Long story short, I couldn't even walk anymore. The doctor's diagnosis was scary ; I had two bad tendonitises and I would have to wait at least six months to be able to use my legs again. And of course I could only start running again after those six months but I would have to take it very slowly. He prescribed me a massive dose of cortisone, a powerful anti-inflammatory drug.

As a girl that is used to running 50km a week, this diagnosis was most depressing. I was so distraught, but I refused to take the cortisone and started looking for another way instead. This other way was shown to me by my sister, who I will never thank enough, and was an alternative natural medecine. It was pretty simple : since I was diagnosed with an inflammatory condition, I would have to eat an anti-inflammatory diet until complete remission. The diet was based on organic fruit and veggies, whole or juiced.

The benefits of this diet were quick to show ; I was able to run after only two months, instead of the one year minimum sentence the doctor had given me.

This made me realize how powerful nutrition is and how much of an impact it can have on regenerating tissue :D and I decided to make this my lifestyle !

Thank you for reading :D

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