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Dairy products : friends or foes ?

This subject has caused a lot of ink to flow : we've heard it all... I had to bring it up in order to share my experience with you and to make my standpoint clear on this issue, hoping that it will be beneficial to you on a daily basis in your lifestyle.

You're not a calf...

Isn't it strange that humans are the only mammals that consume the milk of other species ? In fact, cow's milk is not at all suitable for human consumption. Why is that ? Because it is far too rich from a nutritional point of view. This is indeed a necessity for calves, because they gain from 150 to 250 kg per year. It goes without saying that growing up is not the same for man ...

The protein content of cow's milk is at least 4 times higher than that of breast milk. And the mineral content is at least 6 times higher. On the other hand, the content of essential fatty acids, responsible in particular for the development of the nervous system, is lower !

In fact, cow's milk is very difficult to digest, be it for an infant or worse, an adult human, because our ability to produce digestive enzymes is very limited compared to that of cattle. And these enzymes tend to decrease over time ; an adult digests milk even less well than a child... the reason is simple ; a child is weaned at 3 or 4 years old.

Oh, inflammation...

As you do not have what it takes to digest milk and dairy products properly, this results in a considerable production of toxins and waste that are highly inflammatory for your digestive tract. This prevents the proper assimilation of other nutrients. I don't know if you realize it, but it really disastrous because the repercussions are global (deficiencies...).

These toxins, which may be protein in nature, can also pass your intestinal barrier and end up in your bloodstream. Because your immune system treats them as foreign elements, they can cause allergies, or worse, autoimmune diseases.

And, to top it all off, the majority of dairy products today are pasteurized or sterilized. This heat treatment considerably alters the nutrients ; destruction of vitamins, saturation of fats (=> bad fats), complexing of proteins and minerals making them non-assimilable... All this contributes to making dairy products very acidifying, and therefore inflammatory, for your organism.

Picture taken from Twitter @edengardenfv

What about Calcium ?

The number one argument in favour of the consumption of dairy products is their calcium content. And that's where I draw my famous #BULLS**T !

I don't want to be a conspiracy nut, but did you know that the dairy industry is the most powerful in the food industry in France ? And they're the ones the recommendation "3 dairy products a day" comes from...

Did you also know that the people least affected by osteoporosis (chronic bone decalcification) are Asian and African populations who are known to consume very little to no dairy products at all ?

Why is that ? Milk is very rich in calcium, that's for sure, but you should know that only a very small portion of it is assimilated (about 20%) : because sterilization denatures the calcium (ionization), which makes it less assimilable because of the presence of a large quantity of phosporus in the milk => your body then produces a hormone, PTH (secreted by the "para-thyroid" gland) to regulate this phosporus intake. EXCEPT THAT... this hormone leads to bone decalcification !!!!

So to keep it short and not give you a physiology lesson => dairy products are a very bad source of calcium and induce the opposite effect of the one you are looking for ...

You can find calcium that is much better absorbed in fruits, dried fruits, green vegetables, especially leafy vegetables (broccoli, spinach, etc.) and vegetables, that are high in calcium.

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My experience

As I mentioned earlier, when I was younger, I suffered from many skin conditions, including severe acne and eczema over the vast majority of my body, which, according to the specialists I had consulted many times, was not of allergic origin .

Cutting out all dairy products from my diet had drastic effects on the state of my skin ! Like, wow ! Only a few days later, the general condition of my skin had greatly improved with respect to these two inflammatory pathologies ; my acne cysts had disappeared and my eczema patches had also disappeared.

What if you're addicted to dairy ?

Decrease your dairy intakevgradually, favour raw, unpasteurized and good quality dairy products. Sheep's and goat's milk are much less rich than cow's milk and therefore their consumption is more suitable for humans. And you can of course go for the alternative of non-dairy milks, which are high in vitamins, minerals and good fats, with the added bonus of being lactose free and clear from all antibiotics and hormones !

Above all, what I invite you to do in all my articles, and the message that I try to convey above all, is to think globally, to consider the body as a unit, and not to stop at the symptoms as we often tend to do nowadays.

A bad choice of lifestyle is one of the root causes of most of the symptoms we suffer from today. I invite you to consult my article on naturopathy where I discuss these different concepts :D

NB: I have not mentioned the massive and totally inhumane methods of intensive dairy farming where cows are literally raped to produce the milk... but this is one more reason to try and consume responsibly and to see the purchases we make as an act of commitment to health and peace. Little by little, each one of us can contribute our part to leave future generations a better world and the necessary information to achieve full health.

Thank you for reading me :D

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